We take care of them.

We take care of them.

They even have a Dr. Goebbels.

“One of the key parts of Israel’s well-planned media narrative in Gaza is that they are carefully targeting attacks and that there is no humanitarian crisis there which isn’t attributable to the mis-management of the elected Hamas government. President Shimon Peres repeated the claim this Sunday on ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos“.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, sir, the head of the Shin Bet general security services told a cabinet meeting in Israel today, it’s been reported, that Hamas has eased its demands for a cease-fire with Israel. Can you elaborate on that?

PERES: Yes. They made the demand, they made the suggestion to have a cease-fire and open the passages. To open the passages without control means to enable them to bring in more rockets, more missiles, more weapons, more supply from Iran. Doesn’t make any sense that we should do it. Because it started with open passages. They could have moved around without any difficulties. We even permitted the supply of money, not only medical supply, money that we have collected to the Hamas. So what do they want, that we should open to them again, to have more supply of weapons and bombs?

We say that they are — we are not going to. And even today, by the way, one of the passages is open, because there is no shortage of basic needs in Gaza. We take care that medical equipment and food and fuel will arrive to Gaza, even today.”

Herr Doktor or Herr President?

Same thing.

4 Responses to “WE LEARN QUICK.”

  1. realistic bird Says:


    The Israelis have to lie because there is no other way to hide their crimes but what is maddening are the ones who actually believe them and defend their crimes.

  2. First you have to analyse who controls the media, quite apart from the financial institutions and the very powerful pro-Isreali lobbies world-wide, particularly in the U S and E U.
    It recently came to my attention that when Arafat was negotiating with Rabin in Camp David during the Clinton Administration five of the members of the U S team were Jews. Please note that I am referring to the American team!
    The Muslims under these circumstances do not stand a chance.
    Britain and the U S gave the Zionist Palestine and that’s that.
    Once the Almighty gets involved in real state transactions we have a major problem.
    I am however convinced that over the long term the Palestinians will win out. It will be a long and hard road but patience will win out. it has happened a couple of times before so why not another one?

  3. realistic bird Says:

    You are quite right. The chances of Muslims and Arabs in turning European and American gov. to their favor are nearly nil because of two things: one these governments have made their choice to be biased towards the Israelis for more than 60 years and second the incompetence and treason of some rulers in Arab and Muslim countries. Yet I agree that even though the Palestinians and other Arab people are paying a huge price to get back their rights they will attain it, tyranny doesn’t last forever.

    Thanks aelag

  4. I agree entirely.
    Although tyranny does not last forever, we must do all we can to get rid of it as quickly as possible.
    We cannot hold our tongue when this monstrosity is being committed by Isreal aided and abetted by the U S, the UK and others.
    We should shout to the four winds that a new HOLOCAUST is being perpetrated by these criminals.
    Please do not keep quiet.
    Thanks my friend.

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