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I am  trying to figure out how Mr. Madoff  (PRONOUNCED MADE OFF) was able to function for decades on his own and make off with the geld.images11

This man must have been a superman to do what he is alleged to have done, that is to rob,steal,dupe and  comit countless other forms of  thievery on his very own. Or could it possibly be that others, within and without,  were aiding and abetting the poor old man, or simply looking the other way and then  dropping by to collect their  well earned pay check.  It seems to me that this is simply too large an operation to credit to one man.  Mind you there were ample funds to make it an interesting proposition for a lot of people.

Are there are other supermen hiding behind other institutions or we will just send this old man to a summer camp for a while?

I wonder……….

I have  just learned that Mr. Madoff’s name is pronounced made-off: need I say more!


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money-money-money-money-money-money2PIRACY NOT SOMALIA STYLE.

Mr.Bernard  L. Madoff.

Another crook, a real con man. This time however he does not belong to the Italian Mafia or   other bad guys  and he defintely does not come from Somalia.  I wonder what Mafia he belongs to. Paraphrasing  Oscar Wilde, is it the one no-one dares say its name?

Somehow I don’t think that Hollywood will make many films about this and I’ll bet anything, that the media in general , will soon bury this under other more worthy news such as terrorism, Muslims or other baddies with strange sounding names..

Just as an after thought, please consider the following :  whenever a  muslim commits a crime , the fact that he is of this religious persuasion is always very prominent  in all media reports.

No problem. It’s Showtime , lets Rock’n’Roll.

After all, only in America.

Just a thought!!


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  I would like to start by asking if all the fishing trawlers in Somali waters pay a Fishing Licence fee and to whom.

  The fishing grounds near the coast have been decimated by industrial fishing and these ex-fishermen have started a new industry, namely Piracy. They were done out of a living by the fishing fleets of Europe and Asia and now we are all moaning.  This time they have learned quickly and procured the best tools for their job from the West, please note that Russia, in these circumstances, is also part of the West. 

   Another element in this equation is Somalia’s Christian neighbour.  Ethiopia, backed by the Americans with funds and military bases within its territory, acts as the local bully and enforcer. Once again pitching Christian against Muslim .  Is this deliberate policy or just plain arrogance and incompetence? 

   For whatever it’s worth, before Ethiopia invaded this territory, I hesitate calling it a country, this “industry”  was not a flourishing one.

   We never Learn!!!