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Posted in ANALYSIS on March 23, 2021 by aelag

I belong to a number of historical journals and associations, amongst them a number American (USA) publications. The American ones are concerned with general history and seem to limit themselves to WW2, and forget Vietnam and other American excursions in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asian. The genocide of the Native Americans and Slavery are hardly ever analysed in depth. The real reason for seeking independence from Great Britain is simply not mentioned except when Hollywood decides to have a triumphant go at the conquest of the West portraying natives as cruel subhumans, a striking parallel with the portrayal by the American Military and Media of the Vietnamese population, they forgot that the Vietnamese had been fighting foreign invaders for two thousand years, this is equally applicable to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and so forth, History can be a great teacher if you only pay due attention.

It is not clear at all, why most of the Independence leaders, who were all slave owners and British, did not relinquish their human property once they had achieved their goal. This was rather strange if you consider their much vaunted views on freedom and liberty etc etc. Even stranger is the fact that African Americans are still fighting for freedom and equality in the supposed Land of the Free, please note that during WW2, the American Military still operated an apartheid system, ironic indeed since these black soldiers were put in harm’s way in order to defend democracy just like the their fellow soldiers from the Raj and other British colonies. Thee must be something awfully wrong with a society that needs the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.

Perhaps we should return to this subject in depth and dig out the real objective of the exercise.

Another aspect of this sorry business is that when Americans put on their anti-imperialistic gown they conveniently forget their invasion and occupation of the west and their virtual annihilation of Native Americans. Apartheid and concentration camps (Reservations) was what survivors could look forward to.

Texas, New Mexico, California etc., were other territories that the freedom loving ex-colonists had there eyes on and eventually occupied and kept for themselves. Unfortunately for them they could not keep the whole of Cuba and the Philippines, though they tried their damnedest, however they got away with Hawaii, Puerto Rico and bits of Panama including the Canal after engineering a split from from Colombia.

This really looks like a country following in the footsteps of it’s mother country, with one important proviso, the mother country did not hide its imperialistic nature and wherever possible acted in a fair way, according to their lights. Not so America (USA).

I cannot understand why America claims that she wants to see democracy flourish in distant lands when it is still unattainable for millions of citizens at home. Why are overseas authoritarian regimes backed by the freedom loving US government? Surely charity begins at home, as the saying goes. Unless there is something untoward in this stance, selling arms to a guaranteed clientele and thus making them dependent on your arms manufacturers, perhaps? In this scenario the more wars you can start the better for the economy back home, especially certain sectors such as banks and other financial institutions and with full employment to boot.

Not since Roman times have soldiers been feted so much and thrust into the center of government and politics, it is to be noted that twelve american generals has become presidents of the nation during its short history.

I have a suspicion about who really govern the U S A, it is not the politicians, General/President Eisenhower could, indeed did, tell us a few things.

Manifest Destiny I suppose.

The above may seem rather like anti-Americanism but, even in today’s world, facts are facts……………..

It’s ironic………….

Posted in ANALYSIS on March 15, 2021 by aelag

It’s ironic to listen to the news about Myanmar, we’ve suddenly forgotten the Rohingya!

It’s a sort of Divine Justice for the Noble Laureate who forgot the sufferings of her fellow countrymen and women in exchange for power (she thought).