I was watching TV last night and I heard Obama at the UN and then Cameron and so on and so forth.
I heard them talk about peace and all the usual platitudes.
They mentioned the Arab Spring and justified their actions in Libya but not their inactions in other countries like Syria, Yemen and a long list of other Arab States.
Their pleas to Palestine to negotiate with Israel was the most pathetic and hypocritical statements I have heard in a long time.
Had there been an Alien visitor at the UN Israel he would have assumed that Israel was an Oasis of peace since nothing was mentioned about Gaza or the West Bank. This alien guest must have assumed that Israel was a most reasonable partner in the Peace Process and the contrary about the Palestinians.
They of course, Obama & Cameron, did not say that they had Veto rights in the Security Council as did three other members out of a total nearly two hundred members of the General Assembly AND THEY CERTAINLY DID NOT MENTION THEIR OWN Jewish Lobbies back in Washington and London.
They forgot to say that they would use their veto power against Palestinian application to the UN.
Most importantly they did not mention that Israel was creation of Britain ably aided and abetted by the US, and that this creation would crumble without the constant support, financial and military of mainly the same USA.
All this begs the question: Why is America and Britain so opposed to the application of Palestine to be accepted as a member state? WHY? WHY? WHY?


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