Paraphrasing Mr.Taha Ozhan of SETA, Israel lives geographically in the Middle East, spiritually in Western capitals, mentally in the Camp David order, but it does not fully comprehend the momentous transformation of the new regional order, it will be  either a state  or an on -going project which will never come to fruition. As long as it is committed to the old order, it will forever be torn in an existential dilemma, and the Zionist ideals will eventually be the cause of its destruction.

A two state solution is not viable in the long-term. Israel must make up its mind, either it is an extension of the Western Military Industrial Complex or part and parcel of the new Middle East.
Israel does not understand that the U S is no longer able to call the shots in the region and protect it.
It can no longer blackmail the world into keeping silent about Israeli crimes against the Palestinians by accusing all and sundry of anti-Semitism.
Time is no longer on the side of Israel and the U S. History is passing them by.


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