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Warschawski describes the atrocities of the occupation—from the sack of
Ramallah to the massacre in Jenin, the razing of houses and refugee camps,
shooting at ambulances and hospitals, the use of Palestinian civilians as human
shields—showing how each of these pushes back the boundaries of what was
previously thinkable. He documents the resulting shifts in Israeli political
thought, citing Ariel Sharon, army officers and even rabbis who begin by
describing Palestinians as Nazis and end by relying on the German army’s
tactics for subjugating the Warsaw ghetto. Toward an Open Tomb then
seeks to explain the forces within Israeli society and culture that are leading
to this self-defeating result.

Towards an Open Tomb
The Crisis of Israeli Society
“A meticulously documented, yet intensely personal
meditation by a leading dissident on the political psychosis currently gripping
large segments of the Israeli population. Highly recommended.”— NORMAN FINKELSTEIN
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