Once again America screws it up.
Before we all know it there will be another civil war in Iraq. Both sides are American allies armed and trained by US forces.
It is almost like a bad Hollywood comedy.
The US forces occupy a country and then don’t know what to do, killing and destruction they do know, peace they have no idea.
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The crackdown
by Iraqi security forces on the Sunni Arab militiamen, known
as the Awakenings (sahwat) in Arabic and referred to as
the Sons of Iraq by the US military, pitted two ostensible US
allies against one another. Together with arrests of other prominent
militia leaders and the concrete timeline for the drawdown of
US troops, the confrontations have raised questions as to whether
some among these armed Sunni Arab factions are ready to return
to insurgency in response to their treatment by Maliki’s government.
The fate of the sahwat is but one aspect of a larger struggle
over the nature of the Iraqi state and its component parts —
a struggle in which the United States is increasingly relegated
to a subsidiary role. This latest phase of the intra-Iraqi wrangling
that dates back almost to the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime,
could tip the country back into sectarian civil war and complicate
Obama’s efforts to extricate the US military from Iraq.
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