pope-benedictThis man should have stayed an academic, he is not aware of the world around him.
This is the 5th or 6th time he has made a gaffe.
Any leader in any field would have resigned after the second or third gaffe. He has earned without doubt the royal order of the boot with his father Christmas  garb included.
He may be a feeble old man (  I doubt it)  and I must also admit we get what we deserve.
But surely he is surrounded by qualified advisers, who also seem to think they inhabit a different planet.
Perhaps, before this man speaks publicly he should talk to ordinary people as a sounding board.
It must also be noted that millions of Catholics  accept this man’s words as DOGMA,  although this is not the case.
The damage he can cause is truly enormous.
Good grief, Bush Blair, Pope Benedict, Lieberman etc. etc., what have we done to deserve this?
If God exists he/she/it must be totally fed up with us.
We do no need an alien invasion to do us in, we can do it ourselves, thank you!
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Pope Benedict says “Condoms can increase the problem of Aids”

“HIV/Aids is a tragedy that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which can even increase the problem.” This was Pope Benedict’s message to Africa at the beginning of his papal visit to the continent. 22 million people are infected with the Aids virus in sub-saharan Africa, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of infections worldwide. But Pope Benedict believes condoms can exacerbate the problem by encouraging promiscuity.
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  1. To fight against the use of condoms is the fight against common sense. To the extent that people already engage in sexual activitices, condoms can hardly be seeen as exascerbating the problem. I think the real issue is to teach responsible sexual behavior. Preaching abstinence is an anachronism that’s out of touch with reality. You can find more of this perspective at:

  2. I agree entirely.
    The problem is: these people speaking ex-chatedra, without any real knowledge of the world.
    Perhaps they should live amongst the common folk like Jesus, their leader, did and see the misery and drama venereal diseases cause.
    It seems that the top hierarchy of the Catholic Church is oblivious to all this.
    Any normal person is aware of this tragedy.
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.
    Kindest regards.

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