Liberating Gaza

Liberating Gaza

Just like the Germans denying the Holocaust during WW2. Same tactics same propaganda.
Simon Peres, President of Israel answering questions from Stephanopouols, an American journalist.
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We say that they are — we are not going to. And even today, by the way, one of the passages is open, because there is no shortage of basic needs in Gaza. We take care that medical equipment and food and fuel will arrive to Gaza, even today.

comment by ag
He has really sunken low.
It sounds too much like the Nazi denials of concentration camps etc etc.
All lies, lies and more lies, the Gazans are fine and happy and well provided. Criminally pathetic.
I wonder whether Hollywood will make a lot of movies about this horrendous behaviour or whether the History Channel will programme any of this indecent and obscene actions.
Shame, shame, shame.
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