When has humankind been at peace?

 Man is intrinsically greedy and cruel.
The only animal that kills for pleasure not  survival. Always looking for power and exercising it ruthlessly.

To counteract this, if you do not have superior force you must bide your time and act  in consequence.  Choose your allies carefully  and plan your strategy. Always bear in mind that everyone around you is a potential enemy,  be ever vigilant.  Blend in  and penetrate the spheres of influence ie government, the economy, the military and above all the media.

 Avoid being controvertial.

Always behave in a subtle manner, never ever seeking to be the main protagonist. You must always appear to advice and suggest, always in the shadows.  Strive to make yourself indispensable and always ready to oblige, or so appear to be.  Join the professions  that are essential to the smooth running of the  community. such as Banking, the Law, Education, Medicine and the Arts.

 There you have the magic formula for obtaining power. But be discreet above all else.

Do not appear to be an obstruction or danger to anyone, be a chameleon, be a shadow. Bend with the wind for however strong it blows, it will also pass.

It will not be obvious but Power will then not be a stranger to those who follow this  path.

One Response to “POWER IN THE SHADOWS”

  1. power is a myth a temmporary fiction GAIA will get its own back

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