Once a crook always a Crook


I am hearing that Mr. Bush, this sorry excuse for a president, will authorize the energy companies to drill for oil in the wild lands of Utah.

 How appropriate to call this Midnight Legislation. We can ascertain from this that this man has always done the bidding of the oil companies, and I suppose this is his going away present to them.

It becomes clearer why Iraq  was was arrogantly attacked and destroyed with the help of that holier than though  perfidious man Blair. 

Granted God spoke to both Messrs. Bush & Blair, I only wonder if the holy ambassador was Cheney or was it  the Pope, since both  above mentioned wonder boys visited Rome  on a number of occasions.

Messages in the Wailing  Wall could also have served as a holy conduit.   Since they also met  the Dalai Lama several times, all bases were covered.

One cannot help but wonder how  much like common thugs these men behaved.

Yet ultimate responsibility lies with their respective electorates who put them there for the glory of Democracy and the Free Market.

Viva Capitalism US style, sod the rest.

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