french-revolutionI have often wondered about France’s constant  boast of her  “Grandeur”.

Granted France has superb wines and food, but the same can be said about Spain and Italy and a few other countries.

Other qualities France might wish to be proud of are also found in many other lands.

Their language, a descendant of  Latin, is therefore similar to all the other Romance languages no better and no worse, and certainly not exceptional unless you happen to be French.

So possibly this “Grandeur” refers to their military, and here I am afraid I really can’t understand it.

Since the late nineteenth century France has lost every major scrap she has been involved in.

Admittedly once or twice she was able to be on the victorious side by the grace of Britain and America. The least said about Algeria, Indochina and other less well known  points on the globe  the better for all concerned. I certainly won’t comment on the  despicable Suez affair and the french responsibility for the development of the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

If we however,r go back a little in this history sans grandeur there is one shining exception: LA REVOLUTION FRANÇAISE, a True beacon of light for humanity to follow.

The French  Revolution is indeed entitled to claim this “appelation”. This instance in history was probably  one of man’s noblest efforts  to  create a more just and equitable  society and it justifiably merits an immense sense of pride.

The first experiment in the history of  so called HOMO SAPIENS to regard his fellow humans as equal and to organize society to that end.

 This is indeed Grandeur!


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