Plus Ça Change…………..

hollywoodIt seems to me that the American political set-up is just  like a new version of a theatre play or new film production of the same script. .

There is a new colourful leading man, but the  the director, producer, and executive producers, who have the financial clout, are the same. In effect it is just a new  studio production catering for modern tastes.

We have Mr. Obama as the new  leading man, but the rest of the cast comes from the same pool of contract actors and Studio executives,  who may or may not be known to the general public, but are disciplined members of their Firm.

 Mr. Gates stays were he, they might even close Guantanamo but I am certain a sort of Guantanamo 2 will open somewhere  else and business will go on as usual. It cannot do otherwise.

The Economy and Financial departments will be run by the same people  such as Shapiro & co.,who were there somewhere in the semi-shadows but always ever vigilant knowing  that they would eventually advice the President. 

The least said about the publicity and advertising departments the better.

I am sure the  President wanted some new blood but, I am afraid the Producers insist on appointing their own people and having their own way, that is what the Studio wants.  End of Argument. 

Money and power talks! This is realpolitik!

Please note that the same lobbies arte still in charge, Mr. Obama has been given a four year contract with a possible further four  years.  The show goes on independently and above all the Studio must carry on with its own agenda.. It would be wise to check the names of the supporting cast and the production crew.

The Studio pays and will have its way, this is Show Business!

The show must go on.

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