Greed is Good!

Financial ExpertiseThis is really the essence of capitalism. However since human nature is what it is, greed must be managed, otherwise this present crisis would be like a children’s tea party compared, to what it could be, if it were allowd a free reign.

Apparently Capitalism is the only system that works. However if we do not regulate it with a firm hand, corruption will set in. There is a saying in Spanish “With enough money even a saint can be corrupted”, actually it is much much stronger than this but it will have to  suffice, in other words everyone has a price. Undoubtetly this has become more than evident with the present  problems  such as   “MR. MADE-OFF  to say nothing of Enron and others of the same ilk.

This has come to pass because of  monumental greed on the part of our captains of industry and  prominent financiers, bankers, politicians and every Tom Dick and Harry with a silver tongue.

  We must not however forget the man in the street. His greed is just as great as the afore-mentioned pillars of society  but  the circumstances are different.  He can’t get his hands on as much loot as the others therefore his ambitions are rather more limited. But the priciple is just as valid.

More stringent rules and regulations are required, perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Qur’an.

I would be a pity to see so many one handed individuals

Salutary none the less!

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