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the way of the free market

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Woolworths store

A quarter of Woolworths’ 800 stores will shut later, signalling the chain’s final days after nearly 100 years of UK trading.
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Woolworths store closures begin
More than 200 Woolworths stores across the UK will close later, signalling its final days on the High Street 99 years after its first shop opened.
Gateshead’s Metrocentre and Penzance are among the first to go.
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The world should be pleased that the above mentioned conflicts have been resolved and that Sudan’s dictator has been indicted by the UN and we must therefore be optimistic, at least two of the worst conflicts are sorted out. We still have Palestine pending resolution but I am sure that other far more pressing matters will soon crop up and will help us forget the genocide in Palestine.



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When has humankind been at peace?

 Man is intrinsically greedy and cruel.
The only animal that kills for pleasure not  survival. Always looking for power and exercising it ruthlessly.

To counteract this, if you do not have superior force you must bide your time and act  in consequence.  Choose your allies carefully  and plan your strategy. Always bear in mind that everyone around you is a potential enemy,  be ever vigilant.  Blend in  and penetrate the spheres of influence ie government, the economy, the military and above all the media.

 Avoid being controvertial.

Always behave in a subtle manner, never ever seeking to be the main protagonist. You must always appear to advice and suggest, always in the shadows.  Strive to make yourself indispensable and always ready to oblige, or so appear to be.  Join the professions  that are essential to the smooth running of the  community. such as Banking, the Law, Education, Medicine and the Arts.

 There you have the magic formula for obtaining power. But be discreet above all else.

Do not appear to be an obstruction or danger to anyone, be a chameleon, be a shadow. Bend with the wind for however strong it blows, it will also pass.

It will not be obvious but Power will then not be a stranger to those who follow this  path.


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french-revolutionI have often wondered about France’s constant  boast of her  “Grandeur”.

Granted France has superb wines and food, but the same can be said about Spain and Italy and a few other countries.

Other qualities France might wish to be proud of are also found in many other lands.

Their language, a descendant of  Latin, is therefore similar to all the other Romance languages no better and no worse, and certainly not exceptional unless you happen to be French.

So possibly this “Grandeur” refers to their military, and here I am afraid I really can’t understand it.

Since the late nineteenth century France has lost every major scrap she has been involved in.

Admittedly once or twice she was able to be on the victorious side by the grace of Britain and America. The least said about Algeria, Indochina and other less well known  points on the globe  the better for all concerned. I certainly won’t comment on the  despicable Suez affair and the french responsibility for the development of the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

If we however,r go back a little in this history sans grandeur there is one shining exception: LA REVOLUTION FRANÇAISE, a True beacon of light for humanity to follow.

The French  Revolution is indeed entitled to claim this “appelation”. This instance in history was probably  one of man’s noblest efforts  to  create a more just and equitable  society and it justifiably merits an immense sense of pride.

The first experiment in the history of  so called HOMO SAPIENS to regard his fellow humans as equal and to organize society to that end.

 This is indeed Grandeur!


Once a crook always a Crook

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I am hearing that Mr. Bush, this sorry excuse for a president, will authorize the energy companies to drill for oil in the wild lands of Utah.

 How appropriate to call this Midnight Legislation. We can ascertain from this that this man has always done the bidding of the oil companies, and I suppose this is his going away present to them.

It becomes clearer why Iraq  was was arrogantly attacked and destroyed with the help of that holier than though  perfidious man Blair. 

Granted God spoke to both Messrs. Bush & Blair, I only wonder if the holy ambassador was Cheney or was it  the Pope, since both  above mentioned wonder boys visited Rome  on a number of occasions.

Messages in the Wailing  Wall could also have served as a holy conduit.   Since they also met  the Dalai Lama several times, all bases were covered.

One cannot help but wonder how  much like common thugs these men behaved.

Yet ultimate responsibility lies with their respective electorates who put them there for the glory of Democracy and the Free Market.

Viva Capitalism US style, sod the rest.

Greed is Good!

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Financial ExpertiseThis is really the essence of capitalism. However since human nature is what it is, greed must be managed, otherwise this present crisis would be like a children’s tea party compared, to what it could be, if it were allowd a free reign.

Apparently Capitalism is the only system that works. However if we do not regulate it with a firm hand, corruption will set in. There is a saying in Spanish “With enough money even a saint can be corrupted”, actually it is much much stronger than this but it will have to  suffice, in other words everyone has a price. Undoubtetly this has become more than evident with the present  problems  such as   “MR. MADE-OFF  to say nothing of Enron and others of the same ilk.

This has come to pass because of  monumental greed on the part of our captains of industry and  prominent financiers, bankers, politicians and every Tom Dick and Harry with a silver tongue.

  We must not however forget the man in the street. His greed is just as great as the afore-mentioned pillars of society  but  the circumstances are different.  He can’t get his hands on as much loot as the others therefore his ambitions are rather more limited. But the priciple is just as valid.

More stringent rules and regulations are required, perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Qur’an.

I would be a pity to see so many one handed individuals

Salutary none the less!

Plus Ça Change…………..

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hollywoodIt seems to me that the American political set-up is just  like a new version of a theatre play or new film production of the same script. .

There is a new colourful leading man, but the  the director, producer, and executive producers, who have the financial clout, are the same. In effect it is just a new  studio production catering for modern tastes.

We have Mr. Obama as the new  leading man, but the rest of the cast comes from the same pool of contract actors and Studio executives,  who may or may not be known to the general public, but are disciplined members of their Firm.

 Mr. Gates stays were he, they might even close Guantanamo but I am certain a sort of Guantanamo 2 will open somewhere  else and business will go on as usual. It cannot do otherwise.

The Economy and Financial departments will be run by the same people  such as Shapiro & co.,who were there somewhere in the semi-shadows but always ever vigilant knowing  that they would eventually advice the President. 

The least said about the publicity and advertising departments the better.

I am sure the  President wanted some new blood but, I am afraid the Producers insist on appointing their own people and having their own way, that is what the Studio wants.  End of Argument. 

Money and power talks! This is realpolitik!

Please note that the same lobbies arte still in charge, Mr. Obama has been given a four year contract with a possible further four  years.  The show goes on independently and above all the Studio must carry on with its own agenda.. It would be wise to check the names of the supporting cast and the production crew.

The Studio pays and will have its way, this is Show Business!

The show must go on.

AL RAIS (the leader)

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bootsal-rais1 He went  to Iraq to deliver the American Dream, and in the process destroyed the country and killed more people than  Saddam.It was  ironic  that on his last visit to Iraq he was bidden goodbye and good riddance in an appropriate manner, the shoe farewell, just like Saddam’s statue.

Al  Gitan, as he is commonly called in the Arab World ,will go down in history not as en evil man but an incredibly stupid one. I would suggest that a more appropriate name would be Al-Hmar.

This war was prepared planned and executed like a giant hedge fund, exactly like Mr. Madoff’s one.

 Everybody lost everything except Mr. “Made-off”.

We should ask ouselves who was the only beneficiary in the




 The really evil men were his senior advisers and powerful lobbyists whose agendas were either personal profit and power or even a deeper hidden one which, again paraphrasing Mr. Wilde, no one dares speak its name.

The main actors in this monstrous tragedy don’t even bother to quantify how many Iraqis have been killed or say anything about the destruction and looting of the world’s first civilization.  This is really of no consequence, money and oil   and geo-strategic power  are the practical outcome of this evil did.  However it must be noted that in historical terms this event is like, the Crusades, a never to be forgotten crime and all participants will get their just desserts, however long it takes. 

 The Arabs are a patient and just, but  unforgiving people, and will eventually seek revenge and reparations, Time is of no consequence.

Be warned, the biblical injunction applies to everyone!

 “An eye for an eye………..”





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Same club, same profession and same everything else, including the same cgeld-argeld-dinero-money-dinheiro-pengarity.

Oh my Lord, another one! How many will crawl out of the woodwork? These are the Super-folk. They don’t come from up there, they come from over there.

New York  lawyer, Marc S.  Dreier has “made off”   with a few schekels that are the property of other parties.

It seems to be common practice in our society to thief your way to prominence, fame and fortune, and we still claim to be  the good  guys. I don’t get it.

Other less fortunate beings  must view this show agog.

We complain, castigate and more often than not ,invade  their countries and  take our pleasure and property from these unfortunate people in the name of our western way of life, far superior  to theirs.

Castro, Chavez, Morales, the Iranians, the Palestinians, Latinos and all the usual suspects must be wondering about our values and general behaviour and having a ball at our expense, excuse the pun.

I can hear  “WE TOLD YOU SO” coming from all these quarters to all and sundry in an  ear shatering roar.

If we manage all our affairs in this manner the Lord help us because our fund managers won’t,  they are too busy helping themselves.

Serves us right!

Obviously there is something rotten in this state of  affairs and yet we presume to be superior.

Have I got it wrong? What happened to us?  Who has led us astray?

Whilst we were applying for credit cards etc, others were applying for  their passports and buying enough luggage to carry off their loot.

Is it Hollywood?

Yep, this is Showtime! It’s only geld.

I wonder……….