zapateros-folly1The artist recently revealed his inspiration for the brightly coloured abstract.

“On a day of immense heat in the middle of the Sahel desert, I recall with vivacity the mirage of an image of the world dripping toward the sky,” Barcelo said.

“Trees, dunes, donkeys, multicoloured beings flowing drop by drop.”

I would add, “What a pity that Zapatero and Montesinos and a few others were not included in this drip, but in the opposite sense, Upwards!!!!”

No futher comment.



4 Responses to “ZAPATERO’S FOLLY”

  1. Zapatero may not be perfect but….. would you prefer Spain to be in the hands of Rajoy etc? With the current crisis!!! No thank you, the unemployment would rise in no time at all and salaries drop too, along with trashy contracts to boot!! Farewell social equalities.

  2. Why does it have to be one or the other?
    I would suggest that the current crisis though general in it’s extent is more acute in Spain. The Spanish economy, whatever anybody says, has only two pillars namely Tourism and Construction of dwellings. We know what’s happened to the building boom, as to tourism we shall see this year, I can, however, say that bookings have dropped considerably and even British expatriates are leaving in droves due to the GBP/Euro exchange problem.
    Since Mr. Zapatero is the ultimate politician responsible for success or failure, then his is entirely to blame.
    Mr. Rajoy is not necessarily better, however the PP economic policies were, besides he is not governing the country so you cannot blame him.
    As unemployment, well?
    What social equalities?
    Unable to meet mortgage payments across the board?
    As for trashy or otherwise contracts, they are not worth the paper they are written on.
    As for Mr. Zapatero, he is a man of little credibility both nationally and internationally, witness his present undignified dash from Kosovo.
    I have nothing personally against this gentleman except all the normal caveats regarding all politicians.

    Sorry for the length of the reply.
    Kind regards and thank you for taking the time to read and comment my blog.

  3. brightlight4 Says:

    I belong to the Democracy Now movement in Spain and would like to have a similar movement to that of Iceland where they are living without any politicians at present with no problems. I agree that Spain’s economy has always been built on two markets, construction and tourism and that is not good. I would promote organic produce and solar and other types of clean energy as well as bottling olive oil in Spain instead of selling it to Italy for them to bottle it as Italian oil. There are a lot of things that Spain could market but don’t seem to have the initiative. Meanwhile contracts are rubbish, as are salaries too but that is part of the undercover civil war that we have been living here in Spain for years.

    An interesting conversation even though I was a little slow in replying to you :-0))

    • Thanks for your kind reply.
      I sympathize with your predicament.
      One of the problems with the Spanish political establishment is that they are not really accountable to anyone not even to their respective parties.
      Once in power they think they own “el Cortijo” and act accordingly.
      Have you ever heard of any Spanish politician returning any “misappropriated” funds????
      Please keep in touch.

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