I would like to start by asking if all the fishing trawlers in Somali waters pay a Fishing Licence fee and to whom.

  The fishing grounds near the coast have been decimated by industrial fishing and these ex-fishermen have started a new industry, namely Piracy. They were done out of a living by the fishing fleets of Europe and Asia and now we are all moaning.  This time they have learned quickly and procured the best tools for their job from the West, please note that Russia, in these circumstances, is also part of the West. 

   Another element in this equation is Somalia’s Christian neighbour.  Ethiopia, backed by the Americans with funds and military bases within its territory, acts as the local bully and enforcer. Once again pitching Christian against Muslim .  Is this deliberate policy or just plain arrogance and incompetence? 

   For whatever it’s worth, before Ethiopia invaded this territory, I hesitate calling it a country, this “industry”  was not a flourishing one.

   We never Learn!!!


5 Responses to “SOMALI PIRATES ETC”

  1. I have decided to express an opinion through my own portrait. I hope you dont mind…

  2. Very apt though a slighlty worn out portrait..
    I seem to recollect that you came to a sticky end.
    Nothing personal mind you.

  3. realistic bird Says:

    Rasput(in), I must say that picture is disturbing, maybe you meant that.

    About the piracy issue even though it is not a laughing matter I find it ironic in our present times that piracy had its come back. While other ransack the lands and resources these days, others take an opportunity to head for the seas.

  4. I have news for you my friend.
    Piracy is alive and well and it is doing better than ever under different names: Democracy,Free Market,
    IMF,World Bank, Regime Change etc etc. You can participate in the booty provided you toe the line.

  5. realistic bird Says:

    Indeed, I know that is what I meant by lands being ransacked.
    If you don’t participate they will come to get ya! You are either with them or against them.

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